Apple starts rolling out beta update for 5G on iPhone

Apple had earlier revealed that it will start officially rolling out the upgrade for the 5G service through a software update for all iPhone users by December

In order to use 5G service on your iPhone, you must update your smartphone to the latest iOS 16.2 beta software.

It is important to note that since the update is in beta version, only a few select iPhone users can download it.

In order to get the beta software, visit the Apple Beta Software Program website and then click on ‘Sign up’ option.

go to Settings, click on Mobile Data and then choose Voice and Data.

There you will see the options: 4G on, 5G on and 5G Auto.

Click the last option, 5G Auto, which will automatically shift between 4g and 5G as per the availability of network in your area.

in India to bring the best 5G experience to iPhone users “as soon as network validation and testing for quality and performance is completed.”