Alonzo Mourning is an American former professional basketball player who has a net worth of $75 million in 2022.

He has played Top Notch basketball for one and a ½ decades.

he is the legend of the Miami heat that is the reason his jersey was retired by the Miami heat to honor him.

He lost significant part of his career due to his kidney transplant, he had to undergo surgery for kidney transplant.

He was one of those gentlemen who was awarded hundred million dollar contracts.

He had to give Miami Florida property to his ex-wife in the divorce settlement.

Alonzo Mourning was born in the mysterious city of Chesapeake, Virginia.

 Alonzo Mourning was drafted by Charlotte Hornet.

Miami Heat was the team that went to multiple playoffs and won the NBA championship while Alonzo Mourning was a very important part of the team.