The Justice Department and former President Donald Trump’s lawyers have submitted their respective nominees to serve as the special master reviewing materials seized from Mar-a-Lago

And vastly different proposals for how the process should work.

Friday night’s joint court filing also stressed the wide gap between the DOJ and Trump

as the two sides disagreed over how long the special master investigation would last, what he or she would consider, and who foots the bill.

It’s the latest legal turn in the Justice Department’s historic criminal investigation into Trump’s potential mishandling of documents as his term ended in January 2021.

The FBI executed a search warrant last month at the former president’s Florida home and resort, seizing 11,000 document

Including more than 100 classified government records.

US District Judge Aileen Cannon earlier this week granted Trump’s request for a special master – a third-party attorney outside of the government

The Justice Department nominated two retired federal judges – Thomas Griffith and Barbara Jones – to serve as special master.