Google has revealed that the Pixel Watch will be announced on October 6 along with the Pixel 7.

Talk of a Pixel-branded watch has been circulating for years, but nothing was announced officially until a trademark filing that confirmed the Pixel Watch name

Google's brief announcement of the watch at the May 2022 Google I/O event.

Google has confirmed an October 6 event for the Pixel Watch, Pixel 7, and new Pixel Buds. The Pixel phone might be available the following week, on October 13,

According to a source familiar with the matter, that latter cellular Pixel Watch will cost $399 in the US.

Pre-ordering should be available shortly after the watch's official announcement on Thursday, October 6.

Leaked materials obtained by Jon Prosser and explained on his Front Page Tech YouTube episode were some of the first semi-official details we found.

In those marketing materials, Google used words like world, route, agenda, and health to explain the watch's various features.

have us thinking these features are in the works:  Heart rate monitor, Route tracking, Google Wallet, On-wrist maps, etc