The best Mac games demonstrate that computer gaming is bigger than just Windows.

iPhone owners are swimming in games, both from the App Store and Apple Arcade, the Mac’s gaming library isn’t nearly as robust.

Many big-budget games never make their way to Macs at all, or if they do, they come later as ports.

There’s no denying that for mouse-and-keyboard players, a decked-out Windows setup is your best bet.

In many ways, the process is similar to buying PC games. Steam, the most widely known online storefront, has a free-to-download Mac client.

So does the Epic Game Store, a newer contender in the digital storefront space.

If you can’t find the games you want there, you’ve also got GOG(opens in new tab), Humble(opens in new tab) and individual publisher storefronts, such as EA’s Origin and Activision Blizzard’s

Finally, Mac users have the option of downloading games right from the App Store, just like they would on an iPhone or iPad. The App Store has tons of free-to-play apps, and can access Apple Arcade games.

If you’re looking for a game to sink hundreds of hours into, you can’t beat Sid Meier’s Civilization VI