The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra is assumed to be the top model of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S23 range

The Galaxy S22 Ultra offered a huge upgrade compared to previous Galaxy S Ultra phone

The Galaxy S23 Ultra seems like it'll be building on this in a few ways, most notably with a main camera somehow stuffed with a rumored 200 megapixel

the traditional yearly chipset update for more performance and power efficiency.

below we've collected all the rumors (and one official statement) about the Galaxy S23 Ultra so far.

– The battery inside the Galaxy S23 Ultra looks to be the same size as the one in the S22 Ultra.

It may be sooner than that though, as market sources think Samsung will move its launch date forward a few weeks to mid-January.

As for the cost of this Ultra phone, we'd anticipate it'll cost at least $1,200 again, as the current S22 Ultra does.

If the Galaxy S23 Ultra is changing as little as the rumors say, then we'll likely see a near-identical design to the Galaxy S22 Ultra